Welcome to DIY.synth.net

These pages were created by myself, Paul Maddox, for the good of the SynthDIY community. It seemd to me that the Synth DIY community is a little 'dis-jointed' when it comes to presenting itself to the worl in general.

My aim, and hope, for these pages is for them to become a 'one stop' place for people interested in attending or viewing images from the many Synth-DIY gatherings that happen around the world.
As much as I would love to be able to visit all the SynthDIY events around the globe, lack of both money and time, prevents me from doing so. So, I need your help.

So, if you help organise an event, are attending an event or know of an event then please, e-mail me. I'll be only too happy to add details of your event here and I'll even create a gallery for your event and give you access to upload your images.

So come on, get in touch, you've nothing to loose and everything to gain!