Synth-DIY UK 2014 will held on August the 2nd Robinson College in Cambridge, the same great venue as we've used since 2003.

You can book rooms online via neil's SDIY-UK Room booking page.
Not sure how to get there? Directions are here.

We're starting to collect raffle prizes, if you have something you wish to donate for the raffle (which is for charity) then please let me know and I'll add you to the list below.

Our Charity is the same as previous years The Drake Music Project who help disabled people to make music using some unique controllers.

"Drake Music removes disabling barriers to music through innovative approaches to teaching, learning and making music.
Their focus is nurturing musical and creative ability through exploring music and technology in imaginative ways. They enable access to music making and connect disabled and non-disabled musicians locally, nationally and internationally."

This year we're making arrangement for someone from the Drake Music Project to come and give us a presentation about their work, and possibly looking at some sort of hacking workshop event!


Raffle Prizes

Prize Donator
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Liivatera dual VCA module Phil Macphall


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